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Let us know if you're looking for something a little more than concrete. Hamilton Ready Mix has stone, gravel, and sand available for all of your projects. With questions on the products we supply, simply contact our staff and we'll provide you with an answer.

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At Hamilton Ready Mix, we carry a large selection of popular stone sizes used for landscaping purposes. These stones can also be used for drainage, drain fields, and soil stabilization. We carry the following sized aggregates: 5/8" stone, and 1" stone.

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Crushed concrete is a superior product for your driveway, compared to regular gravel. It is an extremely popular form of gravel that's made of 100% recycled material that allows for better drainage. You'll find the highest grade crushed concrete when you order the materials from us.

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We offer three different types of sand for your project. These sands can be used for the base of your swimming area, backfill, play sand, or sand under your concrete to name just a few. These are the different sands we have available: #4 washed sand (coarse sand), and #8 washed sand (finer sand).

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